Monday, September 14, 2009

John Kloepper's P V Array

John installed this array about four years ago. It is 1.9 KW on a tracking mount that is operated solely by expansion and contraction of freon in tanks on either side of the platform. Originally he had it on a fixed mount producing about 3000 KW. Now, with tracking he's getting over 4000 KW.

This larger 2.25 Kw system has been online for six months. It is operated electrically using tv dish actuators and a small computer system. He has some problems with shading early and late in the day, but is still getting considerable output. The output figures will be very interesting after a years operation.

This is his inverter setup with the 1.9 array on the right at 110V and the 2.25 on the left with 220V output. The house is all electric yet he additonally gets paid more than $100/month by PNM.

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